Friday, November 4, 2011

G-8 Summit via Messenger

* G-8 Summit channel created *

* Angela_princess connected *

Angela_princess: hello?
Am I the first one here?

* Cavaliere69 connected *

Cavaliere69: heeeyyyyyyy
Buon giornooooooooo

Angela_princess: hi Silvio!!

Cavaliere69: heyyyy bella!
What you doin’ ?
You alone??

Angela_princess: no
My cousin’s here with me…

Cavaliere69: cousin?

Angela_princess: f
Her name’s Anika.
She’s 53...

Cavaliere69: mmmm
My kinda gal!!

Angela_princess: :)

Cavaliere69: so what are you girls up to?
Are you in your jammies?
Got any…pics?

Angela_princess: LOL
We can take some pics for u…….
Where do I send them?

Cavaliere69: oh you naughty girlzzzzzzzzzz!!!

* Dmitry_Medvedev connected *

Dmitry_Medvedev: Yes?
Is this the G-8 summit?

Cavaliere69: ffffffff
Cock-block alert!

Angela_princess: Hello, prime minister!
So glad you could join us!

Dmitry_Medvedev: Hello comrades!

Cavaliere69: hi jimmy…

Dmitry_Medvedev: Greetings mr. Berlusconi!
Everything is great in the Russian Federation.
Thank you very much for asking!

Cavaliere69: so anyway
We were talking about crazy party nights
So, where’s the craziest place you’ve ever taken a piss
while completely drunk?

Dmitry_Medvedev: What?

Angela_princess: Oh God, Silvio, stop teasing the prime minister!

Cavaliere69: hahahahaha

Dmitry_Medvedev: What is happening?

Cavaliere69: I’m just messin’ with you jimmy

* Nico+Carla_LFE connected *

Nico+Carla_LFE: bonjouuuuuuurrrr!!

Cavaliere69: woooaaaaa, hey frenchie!!

Angela_princess: Nicolaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!

Nico+Carla_LFE: bonjour mes amies!!
How are youuuuu?
Everything fine?

Cavaliere69: s’a right, bro

Dmitry_Medvedev: The people of the Russian Federation greet you,
Mr. President

* Jap_MOFO connected *

Jap_MOFO: hey hey hey !!

Cavaliere69: oh shit! It’s the crazy Japanese guy!
Hey crazy Japanese guy!

Jap_MOFO: hello, people!

Angela_princess: don’t call him that, Silvio!
Learn some manners!

Cavaliere69: hey Jap, send us a nasty video!
You know, one with girls swaping puke or shovin’
fishes up their

Nico+Carla_LFE: oh mon Dieu, Sílvio!

Jap_MOFO: hahahahaaha
You mean like…

Angela_princess: Ok, I’m not even gonna look…

Dmitry_Medvedev: What is going on?

Cavaliere69: wwwooooooooaaaaaaah!!! Duuuuuuuude! This is
where do you FIND this shit?

Nico+Carla_LFE: hahahaha, this is sick!
Carla is puking!

* Dave_Cam connected *

Dave_Cam: Is this the G-8?

* Dave_Cam disconnected *

Cavaliere69: what a tool!

*Dave_Cam connected*

Dave_Cam: Are you reading me?

*Dave_Cam disconnected*

Nico+Carla_LFE: hahahaha, loser!

Jap_MOFO: hope his modem wasn’t made in Japan!!

Cavaliere69: hahahahahahahahhaa

Dmitry_Medvedev: The comrade must be having problems with his
internet connection

Cavaliere69: really, Einstein? You thought all this by yourself?

Nico+Carla_LFE: hahahahahaha

Dmitry_Medvedev: What are you talking about?

Angela_princess: are you still talking about the videos?

Dmitry_Medvedev: Comrade Einstein wasn’t Russian.

Cavaliere69: God, who gave this guy the password…

Angela_princess: you’re so rude! Oh my God!

Cavaliere69: you can call me Silvio...

* Obama61 connected*

Obama61: You guys!
You hear dat???
Where my bitches at???

Cavaliere69: wwaaaaazzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp??

Obama61: waaaaaaaaazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!!!!!!

Cavaliere69: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Obama61: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!!!!!!

Angela_princess: hiiii Barack!!!
How are you??

Dmitry_Medvedev: Greetings mr. President!

Nico+Carla_LFE: bonjour Barack!

Obama61: ssup bitches???
Wa hapennin???

Jap_MOFO: arrigato, big black penis president!

Nico+Carla_LFE: Carla says hi!!!!

Obama61: any of you bitches need some bombin’ ???
anyone want an F-22 in their a-hole?!?

Cavaliere69: we were watching the Jap’s videos!

Obama61: Man, you guys cuh-raaaaaazyyyyyyyy!!!
Yo, dat nasty, Sílvio!!

Jap_MOFO: yeah, we’re all about nasty here!

Angela_princess: How’s Michelle?

Obama61: Bitch in bed

Angela_princess: oh….

* Dmitry_Medvedev disconnected*

Cavaliere69: FINALLY!
the cock-blocker left!

Obama61: LOL, Sil!

Cavaliere69: let’s get down to business already!
time for the cyber sex-o, baby!

Jap_MOFO: I am taking out the electric eels and placing them
on my penis

Nico+Carla_LFE: OK, i’m gettin’ ready, Carla’s tying me to the bed

Cavaliere69: Angela, send those pics ASAP!!

Angela_princess: OK!

Obama61: Dis gonna be the greatest G-8 orgy EVER!

Cavaliere69: word!

The following content cannot be published due to its explicit content.

Cavaliere69: wwoooofff!
that was DA BOMB!

Nico+Carla_LFE: ok guys, I need to leave immediately, Carla’s not
feelin’ well!

* Nico+Carla_LFE diconnected *

Cavaliere69: ggggghhmmmm *pussy-wipped* ggghmmmmmmm

Obama61: man, my business is hurtin’!
that was some crazy shit!

Angela_princess: tell me about it!

Jap_MOFO: you guys...
I can’t get the eels off my penis!!

Cavaliere69: shut up Jap

Obama61: hahahahaha, someone’s going to the doctor tonight!

Jap_MOFO: they’re sucking on it pretty hard!!

Angela_princess: OK guys, I’m going to close the channel now, it’s
getting late here and I’m having the in-laws over

Obama61: good luck wit dat!

*Dave_Cam connected*

Dave_Cam: is anyone reading this?

*Dave_Cam disconnected*

Cavaliere69: seriously, why are we even inviting this guy in this?!?

Angela_princess: hey wasn’t there supposed to be a Canadian here as

Obama61: who cares?

Cavaliere69: yeah, they’re not even a real country anyway

Angela_princess: OK, I’ closing the channel, good “talking” to you all!

*Obama61 disconnected*

Angela_princess: Night Night! xoxo

* Angela_princess disconnected*

Jap_MOFO: seriously, can someone come over and help me with
these eels???!??
it hurts really bad!

Cavaliere69: shut up Jap!

*channel closed*